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Why the kraken is so popular

On the territory of the kraken darknet trading platform, a large number of shops selling goods of various directions operate. However, the demand for goods is so high that there is more than enough income for everyone, and even newly emerging stores do not interfere with the work of the “old people”. If you have a product that may be of interest to users and have thought out a system for delivering your products to the end consumer, you can open your own store on Kraken and start your own business.

How to open a kraken onion shop

1.If you have never been to in.k2web.cc, then you need to go to the site and register;
2. If you already have a buyer account, do not use it to open an outlet. You need to create a new one.
So, after registering, you need to apply to the Kraken administration with an application to open a store. It must describe in detail what the store will sell and what conditions of sale you will have. You also need to come up with a store name. It is desirable that it does not look like existing names. In case of repetition, the administration will notify you that it is not allowed to name the store that way. After the application is approved, a personal moderator will be attached to your store, who can be contacted with all questions.